Toccoa River Delayed Harvest Fishing Report

I had a great day guiding Jeff on the Toccoa River Delayed Harvest on Thursday. toccoa river delayed harvestWe did a full day float and landed the Appalachian slam plus one niceĀ smallmouth bass.
toccoa river delayed harvestFlies of the day were olive wooly bugger with a red squirmy worm dropper and a y2k bug with a soft hackle pheasant tail dropper.
I used plenty of split shot to get the rig down close to the bottom where the fish were hanging out due to cold water temperatures. Trout were not moving far for the take so presentation had to be spot on. Visit us at Southern Highroads Outfitters for information on fishing or a guided trip on the Toccoa River Delayed Harvest.

See you on the river! David Hulsey

jeff 2

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Larry G. Whipkey

This is my first visit to your website and will be my first “fishing” visit to GA.
I always make a stop at the local fly shop for info and flies.
Our family will be gathering in the Haiwaisee (sp?) area in early February a short visit.
I am retired and like to fly fish areas that I visit.
Wade fishing in delayed harvest areas.
Over the next several weeks, I will be gathering info on where to fish.
thanks for your web site.
Larry G. Whipkey


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