Tenkara USA Rhodo Fly Fishing Rod Perfect for N. GA. Streams

fly fishing rod perfect for North Georgia StreamsCheck out the Rhodo fly fishing rod from Tenkara USA.

This is a perfect fly fishing rod for the tree-lined trout streams of the North Georgia area. Adjustable to 3 lengths- 8’10”, 9’9″, and 10’6″- the versatile triple zoom rod lets fly fishers cast close to the water even in our small brook trout creeks. In fact, the rod’s name “Rhodo” is short for rhododenrun, a bush known for snaring flies in mountain streams.

It’s also a great rod for hikers to throw in a backpack so they can sample trail side waters in the area. Plus, the ultra light 2.1-ounce construction makes even a small 8-inch wild brookie feel like a tiger on the end of your line!

Even though the Rhodo extends to three different lengths, it’s still extremely slim, and its balance and center of gravity remain consistent regardless of which length you’re using.

The Rhodo also features Tenkara’s patent-pending Keep Your Plug system, which allows you to store the plug in the base of the 9-inch handle. Tenkara also supplies a spare plug with the Rhodo fly fishing rod for back up.

Watch it in action

Watch the Tenkara USA YouTube video to see the Rhodo fly fishing rod in action.

Better yet, come by and check out the Rhodo here at Southern Highroads Outfitters in Blairsville, Georgia.

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