Fishing Report for April

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Fishing report for April – We have had several recent wade and float trips on the Upper Toccoa River in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Trout have been found scattered throughout the river. Trout stockings have been resumed on local rivers. Typical “junk food” flies have been successful. Squirmy worms, wooly buggers, y2ks, and egg patterns.

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Delayed harvest regulations are still in effect so make sure to follow those regulations until May 14th in Georgia. Cody, our local DNR law enforcement officer and other law enforcement have been working hard checking fishing licenses and catching poachers along the delayed harvest. Fortunately, state and federal hatcheries have loaded local streams with tons of trout. You have many streams now to choose from if you wish to take some fish home to fry.

Morning bass fishing shows have returned and picked up on television. Fishing on Georgia’s lakes and ponds has been waking up especially for those folks that like to catch fish on a fly rod. Visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for a plethora of information regarding these reservoirs. You can click here to get started.

Lake Trahlyta at Vogel State Park and Lake Winfield Scott are well stocked if your looking to take kids fishing from the bank or venturing out in a canoe or kayak. We recently saw a bald eagle while kayaking on Lake Winfield Scott.

We carry several maps and informative books about fishing local streams here at SHO.

Already getting fishing reports of insane numbers of fish in the North Carolina delayed harvest streams. Most streams were restocked this week. Our guide, David Hulsey, is currently having a 100 fish day float trip on the Tuckaseegee River. It’s nice to have those days when your shoulder hurts to lift when you get home from a day on the water. Delayed harvest regulations on certain North Carolina streams lasts until June 5th.

This coming Monday, April 13th, David and I will be giving a presentation on fishing the Toccoa River and a few other streams in North Georgia for the Georgia Women Fly Fishers at Delkwood Grill. We will also be selling the new Toccoa River book by Steve Hudson.
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For more information about this meeting you can visit their website or click here.
See ya on the river or lake….somewhere fishing!
Becky Hulsey

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