Beginner’s Fly Tying Class

Larry Culpepper will be teaching a beginner’s fly tying class here at Southern Highroads Outfitters starting this month. After years of fly tying instruction, Larry has designed a class to help folks become better at fly tying. This class is great for newbies or folks wanting to become more proficient in tying. You will gain a wealth of knowledge in the art of tying flies.

Here is Larry’s bio:
Larry Culpepper, a native of the area has been tying flies since he was a teenager. In the early 90’s Larry was a production tier for fly shops in Chattanooga and Atlanta, specializing in the flies of the North Georgia area such as the “Thunderhead”, “Forked Tail” and the “Sand Leach”. Larry has also been a fly tying instructor for the famed John C. Campbell Folk School for many years and has developed special teaching techniques that has proven very successful in developing the skills needed to tie flies that catch fish.
Larry C

All equipment and materials are provided. The starting time is 6pm at the fly shop here in Blairsville and will end about 8pm each session. The total cost for the class is $150 at the time of booking no refunds. The Class is limited to 5 students. Our dates for the 6 session beginners fly tying class is as follows:
Class 1 Monday Nov. 16th
Class 2 Thursday Nov. 19th
Class 3 Monday Nov. 23rd
Class 4 Monday Nov. 30th
Class 5 Thursday Dec. 3rd
Class 6 Monday Dec. 7th

Please give us a call at 706-781-1414 to reserve your space.

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